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Tsavo West Still Blazing On fire

Purity Kinuthia



Tsavo west a home for many wildlife species including the big five has again caught fire destroying a huge acreage of the national park, this comes only a month after another inferno was reported in the park.

The fire is said to have spread from the neighboring Lualenyi Ranch where the fire is believed to have started. Efforts by the Kenya Wildlife Services (KWS) rangers and a team from the Ranch to contain the blazing flames were impeded by the strong winds in the region.

The conflagration is destroying fast vegetation and threatening both human life and animal species in the park. The fire continues to spread but the response team is doing the best it can to contain it.

Small insects and borrowing animals are at high risk as they may be engulfed by the fire if unable to escape the rapidly spreading fire. Kenya Wildlife Services has not given an official statement, as to what started the fire.

Meanwhile, According to sources reported in the national media, the inferno could have been caused by a boy in an area not far from the Lualenyi reserve, run by the Italian Davide Gremmo.

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Tsavo West Park covers 9,065 square kilometers and is a popular tourist destination, for its beautiful scenery and for having the big four, but all these if being threatened by the wildfires  experienced .

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