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Trump In Trouble, Multimillion Company Takes A Stun Action

Job Maangi



Photo: American President Donald Trump

Outgoing president Donald Trump has continued to suffer criticism over his statements which are seen to be one of the causes for violence in the country.

YouTube joined Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms which, have imposed restrictions on the leader’s account.

The companies move to suspend Trump’s account is expected to limit the vocal American leader’s presence online and social media influence.

At the time when YouTube suspended Trump’s account he already had 2.8 million Subscribers, they claimed that his account violated it’s policy on spreading of misinformation and he shall not be able to upload content for at least 7 days.

Facebook and Instagram suspended his account upto the time when he shall hand over from office, while Twitter banned his account that had about 88 Million followers to help tame his statements that resulted in violence.

Trump’s Supporters violent mob which stormed the Capitol last week is the reason why top companies such as Amazon pulled out Parler which had become increasingly popular amongst his supporters.

It’s not clear on the legal action that the president Donald Trump will take so as to secure back his online presence.

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