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Trump In Trouble As A Major Decision Crushes Him In Bidens Favor

Job Maangi



Photo: Donald Trump with Joe Biden

The United States of America presidential Elections attracted global attention as the outgoing president Donald Trump and his closest rival Joe Biden contested.

Joe Biden used the Democratic Party, he won with 290 college votes, with 50.9% of the total cast votes on his basket which was 77,491,345.

Donald Trump of the Republican Party trailed behind him with 217 college votes, 47.5% of the total cast votes which is 72,307,888 votes.

Incumbent president Donald Trump vowed not accept the results but he announced that he is planning to head to the Supreme Court to reclaim victory.

Biden has started laying strategies on how he shall successfully enter power and heal the already wounded America.

Trump Suffered a major setback after US Elections official broke silence and revealed that there was no evidence of poll rigging as alleged by Republican presidential candidate.

Elect president’s team have accused Trump for not accepting defeat because that is greatly poisoning the American democracy.

The Senior US federal and state election officials denied Trump’s allegations as they said that the 2020 elections was the most secure elections that has ever been held in the country.

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Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, the chamber’s is among the leaders loyal to the president who have vowed not to accept the results of the Elections

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