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Trouble In Ruto’s Camp, GEMA To Be Disbanded As Mount Kenya Council Of Elders Is Born

Brian Sunguti



The various councils of elders groups in the vast Mount Kenya region are in panic mode after it emerged that they all might be disbanded. Sources within the elders indicate that the Jubilee party is pushing the restructuring of all the elders groups in order to form a single most powerful regional elders group. That after they have all be disbanded, a new strong council of elders outfit dubbed ‘The Mount Kenya Council of Elders’ would be set up. This new outfit will bring together all the elders from the entire Mount Kenya into a single fold.

Consequently, it would be the new council of elders that would replace the popular and vocal Gikuyu, Embu,  and Meru Association, better known as GEMA. The new council’s top agenda would be to unite the political groups of Tangatanga and Kieleweke within the ruling Jubilee party. It would also be expected to rally mount Kenya residents behind President Kenyatta and his efforts to develop the country and leave behind a lasting legacy. This is on the backdrop of increased worries that the region is highly divided in terms of politics, much to the detriment of President Kenyatta’s unity efforts.

This reorganization would eventually lay enough ground for President Kenyatta’s looming political charm offensive in the region. This will be a move by the head of state to completely weed out Deputy President William Ruto’s influence from the region in its entirety. That the Dp has enjoyed political influence in the region for far too long now and hence the need for the president to reclaim all that back. This will arguably be the last nail on Dp Ruto’s political coffin in Mount Kenya, a move that will further sideline him from his boss.The new outfit of the council of elders will also be tasked with joining forces with other stakeholders in the frantic search of the region’s new political kingpin. That as President Kenyatta’s term in office slowly draws to a close, the region will be in need of a new uniting factor. And it will fall upon the council of elders to help settle for the most able political leader. GEMA is currently led by Bishop Lawi Imathiu, and has members from all tribes in the entire Mount Kenya region. The membership in GEMA also includes prominent and wealthy business men, former politicians and influential church leaders.

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