Trouble For Teachers, Govt Gives A Tough Directive


The teachers service commission has continued to ensure that the teachers in the various schools are disciplined and obey the law.

TSC is targeting school principals who are suspected of misusing school funds across the country.

Infact according to information published, by the Daily Nation newspaper, in Bomet County alone five high school principals are being Investigated.

Bomet County Teachers Service Commission (TSC) boss Charles Nyauma, warned that if the teachers will be found guilty they are going to face disciplinary action.

The government is majorly chasing after the school heads who have been cooking books of accounts to solicit for excess money from the government.

What seems to be a worrying concern is the Ministry of Education proposed a law that would snatch the role of managing public schools from head teachers.

Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers (KUPPET), came in defense of the teachers as they called for the principals to be allowed to operate under the current terms.

Some principals recently made a complain that the financial auditors demanded for sh10,000 bribes to help them get cleared.

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