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Tragic Accident As Car Kills Two People In Wote

Shadrack Olaka



Photo: A Car That Got an accident

Police officers in Wote town, in the capital of Makueni County, are searching for a driver reported to be drunk and was seen driving in a dangerous way within the town before knocking down a passer-by near the Makueni Referral Hospital road ending up crashed into a residential building.

A female in the car died in the scene of the accident while a male passenger died while being treated at the Makueni Referral Hospital on the night of Monday.

The tenants who lived in the nearby Mundu Apartments who got to witness the accident from the balcony explained that the car was attempting to overtake an ambulance ferrying a patient to a nearby private hospital on the narrow road which has no bumps.

The witness by the name Ms Kiamba said that the incident happened too fast in a matter of seconds. The driver who seemed to be drunk made his way out of the car and did a sign of the cross believed to be a prayer and shortly he escaped on foot before the crowd grew bigger.

Eliap Kiruthi who is a resident at the apartment was one among the first people to provide help to the accident victims said that he was inside the house when he heard the sound of screeching tyres before the car crashed on the wall of the apartment and when he went to find out what it was, he found three desperate people inside the car and one injured woman lying outside.

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Dr Joseph Masila, the medical superintendent of Makueni Referral Hospital, said they received three victims from the accident.

The car which was greatly damaged had several bottles of alcohol in it and was towed to Makueni Police Station waiting to be investigated.

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