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Tragedy As One Person Dies And Three Others Injured At Sachang’wan Accident

Shadrack Olaka



Photo: The accident images

One person is dead as three others are injured at Sachang’wan area in an accident which involved three vehicles along the Nakuru-Eldoret Highway.

Police Commander for Molo Sub-County Samuel Mukusi has confirmed the accident saying that his team of officers are at the scene of the accident.

The first responder, a woman by the name Rachael Maru said that the accident involved three vehicles. A pickup, a private car and a trailer. She explained that the brakes of the trailer had failed and therefore rammed into a private car which had carried four passengers on board then crashed into a United Nations pickup truck which also had two people on board.

According to Maru, the driver of the trailer immediately died on the spot while one person in the private car and the two in the UN pickup truck were seriously injured and rushed to nearby hospital in Nakuru for treatment.

One man who is also a Pastor by the name Joel Too, said that only thing that stopped the trailer from doing more damage was a median barrier that is erected in the middle of the highway to separate the traffic flow in the opposite directions. His explanation is that the trailer careened on the highway for an estimated distance of more than a hundred meters ramming into the barrier hence ending up knocking the two vehicles off the road. In addition, Pastor Joel Too said that without that errected barrier on the road, the case then would have been different for there could have been more casualties than it has been.

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The police officers are investigating if there could have been another reason besides the failed brakes on the trailer. It is still unclear whether the other survivors’ condition is critical and needed further intervention or they are out of danger.

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