Top Ten Best English Speaking Countries In Africa.


The African continent is one of the largest both population wise and in size. With this, there a lot of indigenous language groups with over a thousand different languages in the continent.

Most countries though adopted the languages of former colonizers like British and French. British English however is the most spoken language worldwide and in many parts of Africa.

With a recent research on English speaking countries, after analyzing the findings, here’s a list of top ten where number will equally surprise you.

10.  Rwanda

9. Ghana

8. Malawi

7. Zimbabwe

6. Botswana

5. Zambia

4. Kenya

3. Nigeria

2. South Africa

1. Uganda.

As it can be seen clearly from above, Uganda holds the 1st position as per the research and it’s no irony since it has one of the largest literate population in the world.

Another thing worth noting from above is that majority of these nations were former British colonies with the exception of Rwanda.


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