Top Five Most Educated Tribes In Kenya, Check Your Tribe

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Well, Kenya has got about 44 recognized tribes as of 2021. But despite the government’s efforts of ensuring that education reaches to all, there is still a huge disparity between the most educated communities and the least educated ones.


According to the statistics from a reliable source, about 77 percent of public positions have been shared by only six tribes in the country. This means that the remaining twenty three percent is being shared by the remaining 38 tribes.


This  is claimed ould be attributed to the education disparities among different communities in the country. It is understood that different tribes despite government influence still holds different views about education even now.


To give a clearer picture, Kenya’s national government has got a total of about 72,923 workers. Of these all, when categorized based on tribal lines, kikuyu community has the biggest share with 18.8 percent followed closely by Luhya and Kalenjin tribes who has 12.2 and 11.1 percent respectively. And the list goes on.

Here is the list of Kenya’s most educated communities:



Kikuyu community is undoubtedly the tribe with the biggest share when it comes to education in the country. Based on the available data, the tribe had 130 professors and 5600 phd holders as of 2018. This number could now be going up considering the 2-year bracket. Of all the courses, the community excels mostly in business, journalism, law and education fields.

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The Luo community is a Nilotic group that mainly lives on Nyanza region of the country. It is alleged that their brilliance in education is backed by their stable food— fish.

The community has got many professionals most of whom are degree holders. And currently, many of the community scholars excels in areas including engineering, education, law and medicine.

When it comes to the number of professionals, Luo alone has got 302 professors and 4700 PHD holders.



Kalenjin is one of the most populous communities in the country that lives mainly in the former Rift Valley province. Majority of the community’s educated men and women have done well in science and education related courses.
Currently, based on the available data, there is a total of 70 professors and more than 2000 individuals with PHDs.


4. Kisii
Who are Kisii? They are the Bantu speaking individuals most of the community members dwell in the famous Kisii highlands in the Nyanza region. Based on the available data, Kisii community has got 40 professors and with 2800 individuals with PHD.

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5. Luhya
Luhya community is one of the most populous communities in the country and— as a result— you can’t miss to get one in any of the several sectors in the country.


Based on the available data, the community has got a total of 63 professors and more than 2500 holders of PHD.

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