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Top 5 Most Popular Kenyan Food Pairings

Edwine Agesa



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Kenyans love food. They will always find a reason to sit down and have something to chew on. Every gathering is not complete without food. It’s a Kenyan thing.

We also love pairing different foods so that they can taste better. Here are 5 Pairings that are famous with most Kenyans :

1. Githeri + Avocado

This is a phenomenal food pairing ever discovered in the Kenyan kitchen. It’s roots stem from the high school days where most schools always served Githeri. It was the most hated food, but learners found beauty when it was paired up with Avocado.

2. Beans + Chapo

Every small hotel has this on their menu. A hotel is not complete without fried beans and chapati. Every mjengo guy knows this. It is part of their daily lunch. That’s probably the most ordered meal during lunch hour in Kenya.

3. Chai +Mandazi

Breakfast is important in Kenya, and Chai Mandazi is the obvious choice. Tea is always served with mandazi. Bread is popular in some homes but mandazi is always preferred because of its availability and freshness.

4. Mutura + Kachumbari

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Mutura is an evening snack that is popular in most urban centres in the country. It is made of meet rolls that are usually roasted over fire and served hot. Pairing them up with Kachumbari adds the muchungu needed flavor on the meal.

5. Ugali + Skuma

Ugali is Kenya’s staple food. It is made out of maize flour and is always served with greens. The most popular of all Kenyan greens is Skuma Wiki also known as Kales’. Ugali Skuma can never miss out especially when you are talking supper.

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