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Top 3 Richest Governors In Kenya Who Should Be Highly Respected

Top 3 Richest Governors In Kenya Who Should Be Highly Respected

It has developed much interest of who might be the top 3 richest governors among the 47 governors in Kenya. The reports will hit from 2017 upto 2022 period of their gubernatorial term. It’s reportedly that some were oustered at the end of their first gubernatorial term and some re-elected again for the second term.

The interest is the amount of wealth they have accumulated in their role and what they have amassed outside their role. Reports ascertains that some governor are very rich on the basis of accumulation of wealth they possess. Here is the list of top three richest governors in Kenya in 2020.


1. Ali Hassan Joho

PHOTO: Mombasa county Governor Ali Hassan Joho

Ali Hassan Joho is the current governor of Mombasa county. He’s in his second term after the expiry of first term.He’s among the governors who were re-elected again by citizens on the basis of his affirmative work he’s embracing to the netizens of Mombasa. Governor Joho has Real struggled and eventually attained the greatest spot of being top rich governor in Kenya.
It’s reportedly governor Joho displaced the former Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero who dominated the top spot.As a wealthy personality, governor Joho is the legal owner of some Kenya companies such as KPA- based forwarding companies and also owns many other apartments in Mombasa alongside his residence in Kenyan City in Nyali.

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2.Francis Kimemia

PHOTO: Nyandarua county Governor Francis Kimemia

Governor Francis Kimemia is currently enjoying his first term as the governor of Nyandarua county after succeeding governor Daniel Waithaka. He was elected for the first time in 2017. Francis Kimemia is the second richest governor in Kenya after his counterpart Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho as per reports.

Francis Kimemi is an eminent personality on political arena. Reports outlines that he had formerly held high political offices where by he once served as the head of civil Service. He’s another spot among the richest governors who accumulates wealth.


3. Mike Mbuvi Sonko

PHOTO: Nairobi county Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko

Mike Mbuvi Sonko is the governor of Nairobi county. He Succeeded to outer the former governor Evans Kidero. Mike Sonko had served as the Senator of Nairobi county before elected as the governor. He takes position three of the richest governors in Kenya.

He’s another spot based on his wealth. Reports indicates that he used an estimate of 3 billion while campaigning for the top seat of Nairobi county. He is also a great Businessman and has a rescue team termed as Sonko Rescue team that offers emergences services and other assistance.

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