This Is What Would Happen If A Man Ever Swallowed P2 Pills

What is P2?
Postinor-2 commonly known as P2 pill is an emergency contraceptive, normally taken within the first 72hrs after exposure to unprotected intercourse.
Why It’s medically approved and use as plan B?
The leaflet contains two tablets which are both swallowed after exposure to prevent unwanted pregnancies. The pills are meant for emergency purposes and not a birth control pill. The drug is therefore meant for the ladies since they are the pregnancy carriers.
What are the contents of P2?
The pills contain estrogens and and projestin hormones which are naturally produced by women. The hormones interfere with the menstruation cycle thus hindering pregnancy. They may also prolong ovulation.
What’s happens when a man takes them?
I know most of us are now asking themselves this question. P2 are meant for women but whatever if they are taken by a man?
Well, If a man swallowed one or two pills, probably nothing big would happen, because the hormones are not strong enough to kick the man out of balance. However, if taken on regular basis, the pills will have impacts in the man’s hormones, leading to imbalance (Hormone Imbalance).
Effects When taken by the male gender?
The man would start observing changes through enlargement of breasts, shrinking of his testicles and decreased s3xual drive and increased vulnerability to prostrate cancer.
On the other hand, it is believed that these pills reduce the risks of men contracting cardiovascular diseases. But this reason is not enough to give men a reason of taking the pills as the negative impacts are extremely higher.
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