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This Is What Killed Simeon Nyachae

Webster Momanyi



Pictured: Hon. Simeon Nyachae]

Former Kenyan presidential candidate and aspirant from Kisii region has died.

Simeon Nyachae who is a reknown octogenarian politician and tycoon from Kisii county, Nyaribari was pronounced dead on Monday after a confirmation by the family.  He has been ailing since 2018 and his health has been deteriorating with memory lapse diagnosis.

Nyachae was born on 6th February 1932 to a reknown colonial chief Musa Nyandusi of Nyaribari.

Just like his father, Simeon Nyachae was a polygamy ambassador who had 4 wives with over 20 children.

He was a graduate from Torquay Academy and Churchill college respectively both in the United Kingdom where he had studied diploma in public administration.

After being in different government ministries and holding several positions, Nyachae is known for his huge wealth that is thought to be gained corruptly. He runs a range of big businesses in many cities of this country and abroad, venturing into different sectors.

The huge wealth enabled him to control masses and gain political influence in Gusii region.

In 2002, Nyachae lost presidency by a small margin, after the then opposition groups ganged up with Mwai Kibaki’s party and Raila Odinga’s to form a candid movement that defeated him.

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He is a father to Charles Nyachae, former boss for National Constitution Implementation Commission.


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