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This Is What Awaits Sakaja After He Was Charged In Court

Lamech Bwabi



Nairobi senator Johnstone Sakaja risked on Tuesday 21 being sentenced 3 months in jail after flouting covid 19 rules.Kasarani court magistrate Roseline Ogango found Sakaja guilty and he is required to pay a bond of 15,000.The judge said that Sakaja should apologise for what he has done instead of condemning the media for shading light in his case.
Sakaja together with a group of friends were found drinking at a pub in Milimani area alon Denis Pritt road passed the set curfew time.He was arrested and taken to Kilimani police station where it is alleged he confronted the officers who arrested them and even threatened to have them transferred.
Speaking at his defense, Sakaja was apologetic to the public for demising the covid 19 rules and he said he is ready to face the law.With his lawyer, George Khaminwa, he said that the senator has accepted his mistake and set a good example after resigning from the covid 19 committee where he was acting as the chair.
Speaking to the press on Friday, Sakaja said that he is sorry for what he has done and will face the law because nobody is above the law.He also said that people make mistakes at some point in life.The senator said he had already notified the speaker of the senate about his resignation from the committee so as to set an example.
He has been in the fore front urging Kenyans to abide by the laws so as to protect themselves from covid 19 infection. Kenyans were annoyed with the senators act of disrespecting the law and wanted law to take it’s course.Magistrate Ogango was in line with Kenyan’s expectations to punish the senator so as to act as an example to those leaders who might think that they are above the law
In his statement while giving the government’s directive on covid 19, president Kenyatta extended curfew time to 9pm in the evening and 4am in the morning.Sakaja and colleagues were outside past 9 and therefore the law has to be followed.
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