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This Is How Prostitutes Have Actively Declined The COVID-19 Measures Set By The Government In Their Sector 

Clinton Mwenje



The prostitutes are on the front line to decline covid19 measures. This is observed by declining curfew rules and social distancing. The prostitutes makes money the first priority bothering less the dangerous corona virus. Indeed their increased number in town especially Nairobi is astonishing many people.
Many prostitutes who were carrying their sex work at night have turned to come to do their job during the day. They are never ashamed of their work since they can walk tall from on corner to another bothering less their dressing mode. Indeed you will meet the prostitutes in all streets of Nairobi waiting for customers.
It’s unfortunate that many of them are the ones who sacked in their different jobs after the corona virus crisis were reported in the country. Some businesses people have claims that some customers can’t access their products due to fear of the prostitutes who are everywhere in the streets.
Actually many prostitutes sleeping in lodgings during the night so that very early in the morning they can open their sex works. They can’t recognize a measure of social distancing and avoiding body contact. Its clear that you can’t participate in sex work without body contacting.
These prostitutes can largely promote the spread of covid-19 since no strict measures taken against them. For the safety of their life and men’s life, some strict measures should be enforced to minimize the prostitution in Kenya especially during this difficult time.
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