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Thirst Trap! Shakilla Steps Out Looking Like A Snack In A Halloween Costume

Melinda Venessa



Photo: Shakilla

Controversial Shakilla seems to be having the sweetest moments of her life and enjoying every bit of it despite the many negative controversies surrounding her. With life presenting her golden opportunities left, right, and center that she has the advantage of minting and making money from ever since she suddenly came into the limelight, she seems to have let the fame get into her head and is not making use of the opportunities right before her, and some common faces are even taking advantage of her and using her for their personal and selfish benefits.

The 19-year-old self-proclaimed socialite has also been seen living a fake lifestyle as she tries to keep up with the most current trends and upgrading her looks every other day instead of actually investing the money she’s getting from her business transactions to yield more returns when the sun is still shining on her because this ‘socialite’ thing won’t last forever and it may have a bad ending for her. She’s even been caught up in unending dramas with people she’s had business deals with, the most recent one being with some gengetone artists she made a Willy Paul diss track with.

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Few hours ago, the hottie decided to celebrate her Halloween holiday in style as she stepped out in a sexy black Halloween costume parading her curves and thick thighs. Seems like thick thighs save lives! She looked so stunning and beautiful as she held white flowers with white customized wings captioning the photo, “Happy Halloween I guess I won.” A section of fans in her comment section however couldn’t get enough of teasing and trolling her with negative comments with the kamati ya Roho chafu sounding bitter that ‘ameomoka’ in such a short while.


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