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Things You Should Never Do To A Woman

Lamech Bwabi



A woman is like an egg.She needs to be protected and taken care of.These is because women are good at solving some male problems.Getting someone to marry is not that difficult like staying with someone.Divorces occur due to some obnoxious archaic behaviors.
Here are five things you should not do to a woman when married.

Never beat her

These is an archaic behavior.Fighting in marriage is an embarrassing act that reveals how cowardice a man is.Disputes are solved maturely today.If there is an issue between couples, then negotiations are done.Women fall in the group of vulnerable or rather minorities .Energy should be used in other useful activities like satisfying them not hurting them.

Check her phone

Checking on a woman’s phone or a man is poisonous. Let everybody deal with their own insecurities.At times there are friends who “babe” each other and this can be hurting to you.Not unless she has granted you access, do not check it.
The two of you are trustworthy and that is why you got married.You should not spy on her either.

Lie about your finances

Gone of the strategies used by men in flirting is trying to put themselves in an upper class. They always want to brag on how much money they have and thus the woman can’t starve.Tell them the truth.It’s good if they know your networth so that they can lower or raise their expectations. Even if you continuously lie, one day they will come to know.

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Cheat on her

Infidelity in marriage not only hurts but creates scars.If you truly love a woman and want to spend your future with her, never cheat on her.They feel humilated and will curse you in all their entire life.A woman loves loyalty and they preserve it. Cheating is a sign of immaturity that belongs to college boys.

Abuse her

It’s shameful a man confidently arguing with a woman.There is no heroism in exchanging abusive words especially after a disagreement. The greatest weapon of winning a conversation is silence.Abusing a woman only identifies you with wanaume wako na umama.
Mwanaume in kutunza bibi mpaka ang’ae kama mbalamwezi.

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