Things That Can Drain Your Energy In A Relationship


Relationships are not any easy and love is not a smooth road either. However, dedicating all your efforts and energy to a relationship that is not satisfying you and meeting your needs can really frustrate you and make you feel emotionally drained. When you feel like you are not getting the support that you need from your partner, you will find it difficult to communicate your feelings and offer each other the kind of love that both of you deserve.

It is clearly evident that no relationship is perfect and we all strive to perfect the imperfections we see in our better halves. Each and every couple has their own fair share of occasional disagreements. If you are continually feeling stressed anytime you think about your partner or physically exhausted from spending time with them, then it’s very clear that your relationship is seriously affecting your mental and physical well-being.

Relationships are supposed and are meant to be all about equality. If your partner dominates each and every aspect of your shared lives, then you might be in a draining relationship. If your partner is always dominating all your conversations and he or she at times speaks loudly in public when it’s just the two of you or causes a scene just to draw attention in public or they simply cut you off when talking or talk over you, then that’s an energy thief.

Relationships are supposed and are meant to be peaceful. When in a relationship you should feel free and relaxed. You should be open and free to share almost anything and everything with your partner without any feeling of being judged or misunderstood. If you reach a point where you have to constantly watch your every move and be conscious about anything you utter or you feel nervous about talking out anything with your partner because you are scared you might make them angry or upset them then that particular relationship is incredibly toxic and is out to exhaust your energy.

In a healthy relationship, both partners are entitled to their own freedom. If you feel like your partner is controlling you everytime, always criticizes everything you do, and you are constantly in a negative mood when around them then that’s a physically and emotionally draining relationship. If you constantly feel like you need to ask for permission from your partner to do simple things like spending your money, going out, hanging out with your friends, calling or texting your friends, then you need to break away from that relationship.


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