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”They Stripped Me Naked And Took Pictures” Edgar Obare Explains The Humiliation He Faced In Hands Of Police Monsters

Melinda Venessa



A horrified Edgar Obare was yesterday morning arrested by unknown people and driven to an unknown location. Thinking it was the end of his life, his kidnappers released him after harming and humiliating him due to the exposés he does on his Instastories unmasking men who cheat on their wives together with their side chicks more so top celebrities, the likes of Jalang’o, DJ Mo, DNG and other common faces with the men in subject claiming that he’s destroying marriages and families. Narrating his sad and horrifying ordeal, the blogger took to his Instastories to explain to his fans how his kidnapping event unfolded and the pain and humiliation they put him through.

“I had a court case on November 2, it was meant to be virtual but at the last minute was changed and I had to physically go to court. Arrived at 10:00 and saw my lawyer outside eating smokies, as I was going to say hi to him, three plainly dressed men approached me and asked for my name. Then quickly holding me by my pants whisked me off to a waiting car. I demanded to know who they were, where they were taking me and what they were arresting me for, refusing to answer, they only said to a nearby police station. In the car, they put cuffs on me and they were getting a little tight so I asked the guy on my left to loosen them up and he refused. He asked that I unlock my phone and that I should cooperate with them, which I refused. One thing I have learnt since my kidnapping is NEVER TRUST THE POLICE.”

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“They put a hooded mask on my head as they didn’t want me to see where we were heading, but I could see a little under my nose; at some point we pulled over and stopped. Some of the officers left the car, and I heard the trunk open, o was scared this is where they had come to dig my grave and this was it for me. I think I later assumed that they were changing the number plates for the back and front of the car. What is with all this secrecy? They put my hoodie over my mask and as well put a cloth over my handcuffed hands, like they didn’t want to call attention to themselves.”

“In the car, they kept asking me about my work, said that blogging is not a real job and that my work is just to break families. They accused me of extorting money from these people and asked who pays me to insult people. They all verbally threatened me, one saying that if I ever exposed him for cheating he would kill me, another guy said that he would fuck me in the ass. They kept asking me more silly questions about DJ Mo, Size 8, Jalang’o, Joho, about why I insulted them and that I should find a better job. I refused to answer their questions which enraged them more. They started kicking me as well as blows on my abdomen saying I should answer their questions.”

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“Shortly after, things got weird, they decided to strip me naked in the car by cutting off all my clothes to my boxers. I was completely naked in that car and I noticed one of the guys at the front taking pictures of my penis. I was mortified and humiliated, these people were complete monsters and they disgust me.”

“When I got home, I took pictures of my injuries, and this is how I was tied up. They confiscated everything I had on me. Let the authorities stop denying they did this to me and protecting each other. The state kidnapped me and threw me in a bush. I demand justice. #endpolicebrutality”

It’s so sad and heartbreaking that men can humiliate their fellow man in such a disgusting manner and that police brutality still hits the headlines every other day with no action being taken.

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