The Powerful Politician To Succeed President Kenyatta In Mount Kenya

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The quest for a leader to succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta and lead the vast Mount Kenya region is slowly but surely taking shape. With President Kenyatta the de facto mount Kenya political king pin, now in his second term in office and having showed no desire to lead again after that, mount Kenya leaders and residents have started asking themselves the hard question of who is to succeed him in that region. Mount Kenya region has always had a national leader to fall back to every election circle, from Jomo Kenyatta, to Mwai Kibaki and now to Uhuru Kenyatta, at no time in history have they lacked a uniting national figure.

And now it seems the region is faced yet again with the daunting task of grooming and bringing forth a national leader tried and tested well enough to steer the region’s political agenda forward. Already the political drumbeats have emerged, with former Gatanga Mp, Nairobi Gubernatorial aspirant and presidential candidate Peter Kenneth having risen and shown the will and desire to take over from president Kenyatta. Peter Kenneth, better known as PK, has already started laying his ground work and recruiting his allies and residents to do his bidding for him on the ground.

He already has notable politicians from his Muranga background singing his praises, with the likes of Muranga Senator and Senate Majority Whip Irungu Kangata taking lead in singing his political choir. PK has also been traversing the vast Mount Kenya region, engaging with locals and politicians in Barazas and political functions all aimed at popularizing his bid and seeking for the region’s blessings. He has branded himself as the most noble of them all, with a clear mind and experience of the region’s politics and able to steer the region’s agenda forward.

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Whereas that is the same view shared by most of his supporters from grassroot level to political elites, his opponents see him as leader who once betrayed the wishes of the community. That he once ran for the presidential seat against President Kenyatta, even neglecting the calls to quit and support him. That he was once Raila Odinga’s point man in the region against the wishes of the majority. And that most recently he refused to fold his political party and join Jubilee Party, in a total disregard to President Kenyatta’s call. Whereas his relationship with the president seems all rosy now, with analysts saying that he has the blessings from the president, others see him as one who’s journey will be filled with dents and political potholes.

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