The Number Of Africans Who Are Likely To Lose Jobs This Year Due To Covid-19; Details Emerges


Since the entrance of covid-19, many countries has been affected leading to the deterioration of the economy. Many sectors shut down their normal operation in a bold bid to curb the spread of covid-19 an action that led many employees to lose their jobs. Reports ascertains that many are home jobless as covid-19 pandemic intensify.

On the basis of the reports, many Africans lose their jobs in the period of covid-19 and further reports outlines that more Africans will lose their jobs due to unfavourable condition triggered in by covid-19 pandemic. However, only skilled employees and those offering essential services were advised to work from home.

On the basis of reports submission, Africans may lose their jobs between 25 to 30 million jobs this years as covid-19 pandemic intensfy. The lose of jobs has affected many Africans lives where by diverse claims has been aired out how covid-19 has paused different challenges affecting many people’s living condition. Here are the mixed reactions;

Wanjiku Coulson, @WanjikuCoulson, “#IfOnlyChina how many people have lost their jobs because of the corona virus pandemic. And it is also projected that Africa may lose between 25 & 30 Million jobs this year.”

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SESYLINE, @Sesyline_KE, “#IfOnlyChina could have created this killer disease, this woman would have killed her four children because of depression.”

Faith Mirema, @faith_mirema ,”#IfOnlyChina had not invented this virus, Doreen Adesa Lugaliki, a Healthy worker would be full of life and here with us. She leaves behind 13-year-old twins.Dr. Lugsliki contracted the virus in line of duty. Safiri salama Daktari.”

ALLUVIAL GENESIS ,@itsWesleyKE, “Unemployment rate in Kenya and Africa at large has increased, soon everyone will be employed. I guess even the health workers. #IfOnlyChina.”

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