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The Mission Is Over; ODM Speaks Out Revealing Details

Cedric Ouma




Speaking during an exclusive Show at Citizen Tv this morning, ODM secretary General Edwin Sifuna said that they are done with the characters of likes of ANC, Wiper and Ford Kenya party.


He revealed that NASA coalition is over and they are running out of. ways to express it.


Sifuna added that the One Kenya Alliance has displayed high level of hypocrisy by condemning the removal of Kakamega Senator Cleophas Malala from his position in senate yet they have already departed from NASA coalition.


He also stated that ANC and Ford lied to themselves that when they enter into a coalition they entered as a as equal partners adding that even in the so called One Kenya Alliance Ford Kenya party looks at KANU as  a junior partner, because Ford Kenya has more member of parliament in parliament than KANU.


Sifuna also stated that ODM is looking for the fresh leaders to form a coalition with. Adding that the leaders should add value to the ODM party and not look back. They should also open an opportunity for ODM party to grow in areas where traditionally it hasn’t been.

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