The Fate Of Schools Reopening On June


After  the first Corona Virus case was announced in March this led to the closure of schools and universities in the country.
The Corona Virus pandemic that has crippled many nations in the world did not spare Kenya.

However drawing lessons from other countries that have reopened schools it is possible for Kenya to re-open in June but  under strict observation of guidelines provided by the government.

According to a report by the daily Mail magazine about 22 countries have already opened schools and the good news is that they have not experienced any increase in the Corona infections.

Actually in France 1.4 million went to school  last week as 40,000 schools opened in the country, however  only students from the upper primary classes and above were allowed to go to school.

The education task force meetings in the country  is a possible indication that the government could likely open schools.
The government can consider to open schools but with tough measures such as Washing of hands regularly and wearing of masks by students.
Another factor that will compell the government to open schools is the KCSE and the KCPE exams that are set to be done from October.



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