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The Fall of BBI? Raila In Bold Dilemma As His Close Confidants Disagree On BBI

Daniel Mutuva



Photo: ODM Party Leader Raila Odinga

Trusted allies of Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) boss Raila Odinga have shown off a bold disagreement over the document following the approval delays by Parliament.

Speculation among Raila’s allies are emerging pointing the allegations of attempting to change the clauses of the document’s bill by the parliament as National Assembly’s minority leader John Mbadi claims.



As reports outlines, the contrary opinion of Raila Odinga’s allies on the document has left Raila in a bold dilemma as some claims that the document should be reopened for fresh amendment while others claims should be left as it is.


The document sphereheaded by President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM Party boss Raila Odinga had undergone a referendum and presented to parliament set to be discussed for major Constitution amendment. The document tend to unite Kenyans as it’s bosses claims.

Photo: Siaya Senetor James Orengo

However, contrary opinion has been spotted between Raila’s trusted allies over BBI document. The duo have differed following the delay of Legislators to pass the document.


Siaya Senator and Senete’s minority leader James Orengo has pledged to people making commentary to BBI process to be patient with parliament as he affirmed that it will perform it’s duty as per the timelines.

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“I would plead with people who are making commentary on this process to be very patient with parliament. We know the timelines and we know our duty,” Siaya Senator James Orengo stated

Photo: Gwasi MP John Mbadi

However, Orengo’s statement has been contradicted by Gwasi MP and National Assembly’s minority leader John Mbadi who has shown off his doubts with parliament over the document as he detect a sense of malicious action tending to change the clauses of the document.


Mbadi has affirmed that there is no way the house can even attempt to change the comma of the document.


“I am shocked this committee wants extra time to deal with a matter already decided by Kenyans. There’s no way this house can even change a comma to this Bill,” Gwasi MP John Mbadi affirms

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