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The Do’s And Don’ts In A Relationship

Melinda Venessa



For many people out here, having a one lifetime and steady partner has become one very impossible task to accomplish. However, that should not be the case because love is a two way traffic. You ought to love expecting to be equally loved back. Loving and letting yourself as a person be loved is a simple and voluntary act as the do’s and don’ts of love demonstrate. We are the ones who at the end complicate everything and make it a big deal. It’s very open and true that love makes us all vulnerable; there comes an instance in our lives when we have to bare our hearts and grow together in love, and at oftentimes we end up getting hurt in the process and  we vow and swear to never ever open up our hearts to love and relationships again. We all don’t want to walk through that same path again.

Treat your better half the same way you did at the start of your relationship if you don’t want to see your relationship hit the rocks and instantly end. When you start dating someone you fell in love with and were deeply connected and attracted to them, you try your level best to impress them and make them happy and win them over and over again. If you continue treating them the same way throughout the relationship, they will enjoy the relationship and your company and love for each other will neither fade out nor get boring.

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Don’t take your partner for granted. When someone comes into your life and becomes part of your daily routine, you easily forget what your life was like before they came into the picture. You get too comfortable having them around and get used to many different things. When you get too used to having someone around you tend to stop appreciating and being content with what you have.


Learn to compromise when need be and also learn to pick your battles wisely. If you want to avoid silly fights, you should learn to just say yes without any other thing or word following it. Not everything is worth fighting for in a relationship. Not even the little things you really care about and believe in. Learn to settle out your issues calmly.

Do not allow your insecurities or jealousy to overcome you. Of course other people are going to hit on your partner. Their exes might also return and keep blowing up their phones everytime. Remember you’re not the only one who finds them attractive and each time jealousy arises in you, the message you are trying to pass onto your partner is that you are not confident enough in yourself to keep them.

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