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The Difference Between Dating A Boy And A Man

Wendy Lessa



Boys think that just by passing through puberty that qualifies you to be a man, Well part of it is true if we are talking about physical features but how you treat a woman and also how you handle situations in a relationship tells a woman if she is dating a man or a boy. This might hurt some of you but a man would take notes and change in case you have boy like behaviours. Here are the difference.

How a boy shoots his shot at a girl is different from how a man shoots his shot. A boy will tell you he loves you and that is it while a man will prove it by his actions ,take you on a date, buy you flowers but a boy will even prefer texting you I love you instead of telling you face to face.

A boy will be attracted by your physical features and brag to his friends about how sexy you are and how good you are in bed but a man will take his time to know your character and eventually falls in love with it. A man actually prefers peace. A boy never admits his mistakes instead always finds someone to blame but a man will own up to his mistakes and learn from them.

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A boy will feel threatened with her woman’s success in case she is earning above him and will even go ahead to tell her to quit his job so that he can feel superior because he will be the one providing but a man will feel proud and support her woman to achieve even more because that is what makes a relationship stronger and be a power couple.

A boy will always value sex more than piece of mind so know your worth ladies and

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