The Comedian Eric Omondi Bows Down To KFCB Pressure


Eric Omondi the comedian has bowed to the KFCB pressure to suspend his online show production known as Wife Material 2, just a few days after he was arrested.

The Board has been seeking the comedian since a video clip from the show’s new season went viral.

In the scripted video show, the women involved are seemed engaging in a fight at a club in Nairobi.

The conflict was assumed to be over Eric, with people acting like officers being the comedian’s bodyguards trying to stop them.

The state corporation in a press briefing attended by Ezekiel Mutua, the CEO for KFCB as well as Eric Omondi the comedian, said that it had agreed with the comedian to pull down the explicit content, considered to be unsuitable for young audiences from his YouTube channel.

Mutua’s statement stated that the board has examined Eric’s apology very keenly and is requesting and willing to settle the case using an alternative way to solve the dispute on condition that the comedian Eric pulls down all the explicit content on his online channels and the contention programme called ‘Wife Material’ be suspended until the case is heard and determined.

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The board further announced that it will put guidelines that should be observed by the online content creators.

KFCB and Eric Omondi agreed in the meeting that the case against him by the board shall be withdrawn.

A committee representing the industry which comprises Felix Odiwuor aka Jalang’o, Daniel ”Churchil” Ndambuki and Thomas Kwaka aka Big Ted is mandated to look in to the issue and give advise to the board on which way to go within 2 weeks.

In the agreement, Omondi commits not to broadcast or exhibit explicit content on any other platforms unless the content has been approved by the board.

The comedian was asked to stop exhibiting contents that promotes pornography or that makes women to be viewed as sexual objects.

In the comedian’s show, the girls are seen going on dates with Omondi, and each strives to ensure she is chosen by the comedian.

The controversy raises in the nature of dates, as Omondi is seemed to kiss them deeply.

Eric Omondi and his cast were arrested on 11th of March for sharing the video on his online platforms and after they were released on a bond of Ksh 50,000 each from the police cells, the comedian said that he apologised to the board.

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In the year 2016, the government banned explicit content, including radio programmes and talk-shows that discuss sex between the time of 5am to 10pm.


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