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The Cause Of  4000 Cases Of Pregnancies Among School Girls In Machakos County; Details Emerges

Daniel Mutuva



After 4000 cases of impregnated school ladies were announced in Machakos county, details has emerged on the Causer of the pregnancies among school girl in Machakos county. It was reportedly that a total of 4000 Female students were found pregnant in this period of covid-19 pandemic in Machakos county.

PHOTO: Pregnant students

The government had shut up all the Educational institutions in a bold bid to combat the spread of covid-19. Students were forced to curtail their studies and went home for their safety against this deadly virus covid-19. However, It’s reportedly that despite the fact that the government had came up with Technological way of getting on with studies via radio broadcast among primary and high school students in this covid-19 period also crime cases involving students have been rapidly increasing.

PHOTO: High school students

Following the 4000 cases of pregnancies in Machakos county, a fierce Kenyan has pointed out the Causer of the matter. In his tweet, Dr Ezekiel Mutua Pointed out that the Causer of the pregnancies is on the basis of the effects of vulgar vernacular music on the youths. In his tweet, Dr Ezekiel Mutua asserted that the survey was done by KFCB in 2017 in the effects of vulgar vernacular music on the youths where Machakos county topped that has captured the reality about the 4000 impregnated school ladies in Machakos.

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” The News about 4000 girls getting pregnant in Machakos county is shocking but not surprising. In 2017 by KFCB on the effect of vulgar vernacular music on the youth captured this reality. Machakos county topped for vulgarity. Even the bands had sexualised stage names,’ Dr Ezekiel Mutua twitted.

However, Reports further outlines that 200 students were found pregnant per week in Machakos county. On the basis of statistics done on other various counties, cases of pregnancies tends to increase among school ladies where parents have been urged by the government to care care of their daughters even as covid-19 pandemic intensfy.

It’s was aforementioned that schools shall open on the month of September this year of 2020 if covid-19 cases could have reduced in the country. Additionally, the government through the Ministry of Education, urged parents to ensure that students are studying at home as they are waiting for schools reopening soon.

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