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The Best Beach You Should Visit During This Christmas

Vincent Owino




Did you know that Zimbabwe has a beach in Binga?

This could be a tourist attraction with beautiful safari lodges with that view it could be generating a lot of income.

Binga is beautiful and the people are friendly!

The sunset is specifically magical! Place to go Def.

The sand is so soft and good for playing, at times one may tend to take a run on the sand.

Tourists’ do visit the beach to have fun in the sand with their families

Footsteps  of the tourists  remain on the sand, but they are washed over when there is a wave from the ocean returning the sand to its original view

The sand spreads all over the beach, it has a forest with green trees and containing friendly animals like the giraffes.

The beach has got beautiful lodges with high quality beds, the lodges are clean and are of the water view point.

There is good accommodation, is the best place for relaxation with a couple.

It also have large halls for hosting meetings.

It is a great fun to have a run alongside the ocean. The weather is so cool and with nice moisture.

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Taking an evening breathe as Tha sun’s horizon gets down is a pleasure.

Binga is the most visited place in Zimbabwe it attracts more tourists early who comes to have fun during summer seasons.

It has enabled good transport system and even the living standard as hundreds of people had a job opportunity.

It has a good backwash which brings the sand from the ocean to the shore making the beach more beautiful.

It has a good view point of viewing the ocean and even fishing.

Binga Beach is the place to have fun. We love it!

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