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Kenyan Parents In Agony As CS Magoha Causes Confusion In The Education Sector

Kevin Ochieng



Photo:Education CS Prof George Magoha during the past address


Since the first case of coronavirus was reported in Kenya, a lot of changes have taken place. Lifestyle has gone drastic transformation and Kenyans had to acquire new ways to survive.

With no doubt, the economy of the country was greatly affected as president Uhuru Kenyatta imposed curfew and locked down some parts of the country including Nairobi, the capital city and Mombasa. This disrupted the business activities as people could not move to other places to carry on with their businesses.

It is a fact that most organizations closed down and the employees were sent on a forced unpaid leave. Until now, only a few of them have been called back as the rest are still struggling to make end meet and hoping to secure a job to sustain their families.

Most of the people who were rendered jobless were parents. Early this week, the government through education cabinet Secretary,professor George Magoha announced that grade four pupils, class eight pupils and form four students to report back to school on Monday 12th this month. This is barely a one week notice.

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Within this one week, parents are expected to prepare their children and provide with them all the necessary requirements shortlisted by the government.

It is now emerging that the government will only provide facemasks to needy children as the well off parents are to buy the a must-have  item to their kids before they are allowed in school compound.

The question many Kenyans are asking is how will they know who is rich and who is poor? In the law, we’re all equal and should be treated equally,why does the government want to be bias?

Some months ago, the government had announced that millions of masks were being made in readiness for the opening of schools, where are those masks now? Nobody knows and nobody is willing to give any explanation.

The frustration of the people of Kenya by the government is not something new and if we don’t change our ways, it is not going to end any time soon. Parents, stand up and speak. If possible, challenge the decision in a court of law. You have the right to be heard. This is your time.

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