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Teachers Jobs: TSC Reveals Crucial Information Ahead Of The Recruitment

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The announcement by the teachers service commission on the new job opportunities attracted a large number of applicants higher than the available vacancies.

Education cabinet secretary Professor George Magoha a few months ago announced that the government is looking forward to employ more teachers who will help Learners to recover the lost time and prepare for the national exams.

There are people who have continued to take advantage of the announcement by Teachers service commission to mislead  the desperate job seekers.

Yesterday a fake letter circulated on social media which indicated that the teachers service commission had received a complaint on the irregularities in the job recruitment where the head teachers were collaborating with other stakeholders to award teachers jobs.

October 7th, Teachers service commission broke silence and termed the information moving around social media concerntrating the jobs fake, as they urged applicants and the general public to be cautious of fraudsters and fake news peddle.

“We advise teachers and the general public to ignore a fake letter circulating which says that TSC has stopped the recruitment exercise. This process is on and we urge applicants and the general public to be cautious of fraudsters and fake news peddlers,” teachers service commission twitted on their official page.

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This comes days after the TSC announced that have not cancelled the ongoing recruitment of teachers after another fake letter circulated. They later advised applicants and the general public to be vigilant of individuals and social media accounts that specialize in spreading fake news.

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