Tanga Tanga Mps Betraying Ruto To Uhuru To Be Revealed


Things have fallen in Ruto’s camp as his allies differ after the committee changes.The team led by Nandi senator Samson Cherargei and Kapsereret mp Oscar Sudi were furious at the legislators who agreed to take parliamentary roles.The Tangatanga allies were previously dewhipped by the party in what Jubilee secretary general Raphael Tuju said was just normal changes that any political party can have.
16 members, close confidants of the dp were affected but recently the house implemented new changes led by majority whip Kipipiri mp Amos Kimunya and speaker Justin Muturi.

Speaking to a local station a day after the changes were effected, senator Cherargei said”We had agreed that all MPs who were removed and or demoted from Committees, not to take up any new roles. The two are big traitors. Everyone was instructed by Ruto turn down the posts,”.Adding on Sudi also said that they are not beggars. In simple terms he meant that they are not to bow before someone for favors.
According to the lawmaker, the dewhipped members were to decline any post given to them and he said that they had agreed with the deputy president William Ruto.

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Kikuyu mp Kimani Ichung’wah was demoted from the budget committee and moved to another lower committee, catering committee.He took his role and assured the members that he is at their service when Junet launched a mockery to his new role.
The other member of Parliament who took his role is Mathira mp Rigathi Gachagua.
The two have been termed as traitors for failing to adhere to the groups agreement and thus will be punished.Other members from Tangatanga movement declined their roles led by Sudi.It is alleged that Ruto had urged his allies not to take lower posts but the two MP’s took their own direction.
It is alleged that the dp is set to make changes in his movement and chase members who are traitors pretending to be in his support at the same time backing president Kenyatta.The lawmakers made it clear that the disloyalties of the dp will be chased so that they go where they belong.
chung’wah and Rigathi are tipped to be among those that will be punished by Tangatanga for going against their will and agreement.


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