Tanasha Donna’s Million Dollar Moves On Her Birthday

Photo: Diamond With Ex Lover Tanasha Donna
Sensational Kenyan secular artist Tanasha Donna’s fame continues to rise and shine in the Kenyan music industry today. Tanasha has been hitting airwaves of late with her music gaining increasing popularity among her Kenyan audience much to other female artists surprise.
And even though her music debut was rather unceremonious and clouded with controversy, she now seems to have found her footing. She is beginning to establish her music and personal brand in the industry today, and it will just be a matter of time before she hits the top.
Her previous relationship with Bongo artist Diamond Platnumz seems to have been a blessing in disguise to her. And even though she ended up going through a nasty heart break from Diamond, an artist with whom she has a kid, her fame skyrocketed in East Africa in just a matter of time.
She quickly gained lots of followers on all her social media handles, and instantly became a household name in Bongo. Her song, ‘Gere’, weeks before she parted ways with Diamond further propelled her to the top. With the song, featuring Diamond,  becoming an instant hit till date, even as she laid bare her vocals and lyrical prowess out in the public.
She then relocated back to Kenya, and turned her focus on picking up and building on the level that ‘Gere’ had propelled her to reach. She went ahead and released her own composition dubbed ‘Sawa’, and its  reception has been nothing short of phenomenal.
In the song she encourages herself and all those going through hardships that in the end they’ll all be just fine. And even as she celebrates yet another year in her life, her finesse and focus on conquering the music industry continues to be rock solid. With her birthday providing yet another year ahead of nothing but million dollar moves, more hits and more brand success.
Female artists in the Kenyan music scene are bound to be on the lookout going forward as Tanasha launches her onslaught on the industry.  And with the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic limiting social gatherings for artists all over, her online brand would be the in thing to help steer herself forward. The YouTube views would be proving extremely important to Tanasha even as she seeks to strongly solidify her musical base.
Happy Birthday Tanasha Donna.
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