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Take Care! What is Killing More People Than Covid-19

Job Maangi



The Corona Virus disease which was first recorded at China has brought many nations on their knees and changed our way of living. The latest global statistics indicate that about 244,000 people have lost their lives in a span of less than one calendar year whereas over 3 Million people have already been infected.

However, there is another disaster which is not a disease that has claimed by many people lives than the Covid-19 disease. The Bible says in the book of Romans 6:23 ” the wages of sin is death “, this proves that before the Corona Virus was first discovered Sin has already led to the death of many people.The holy book defines sin as anything that is contrary to the ten commandments which include: do not steal, don’t murder and do not commit adultery.

Reports from the ( have proved that over 40 million people die yearly as a result of abortions committed due to unplanned pregnancy globally. The report further shows that 20 Million mothers die because of illegal and unsafely procured abortions. The world heath Organization global survey noted that in every 8 minutes a woman losses her life due to abortion.

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Another report by the WHO shows that 3 Million people die yearly because of drinking alcohol irresponbily, carelessly and recklessly The only way to save yourself from this pandemic is by surrendering your life to Christ Jesus and living according to God’s commandment.

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