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Dangers Of Watching Pornography

Shadrack Olaka



High speed internet pornography has been an instrumental tool in making this generation a joke. It is perfectly hidden in our blind spot that before we even know what is going on, it has already etched its root in our brains.
The following are the negative effects of watching pornography:
1. Dopamine pathway hijacking
Porn takes over your brain. You become addicted. It messes with a person’s reward circuit and hijacks it, flooding the brain with an unhealthy amount dopamine ending up overpowering the number of dopamine receptors.
A person starts chasing dopamine hits through porn just like chasing a drug high.
2. It makes you lonely
Because it can’t be a group activity, you tend to watch porn alone in your bedroom.
A person ends up spending a lot of hours alone in the bedroom just because of watching porn. It has the allure that make a person want to choose it over hanging out with friends.
3. Causes brain fog and inability to focus
This fog always clouds your mind when you become addicted to watching pornography.
The mind keeps on replaying porn scenes you have been watching in the past.
4. Hypofrontality
This is a common condition amongst addicts which is the reduction in the volume of the brain’s frontal region.
This region is responsible for an away of cognitive functioning which gets impaired when a person watches pornography too much.
It is also responsible for working memory, ability to focus and concentrate, willpower and ability to delay gratification. This condition leads to compulsiveness.

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