Stop Playing Hypocritical Politics! Kieleweke MPs Terribly Hits TangaTanga As Ruto Mantains Silence

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A section of Jubilee party members of parliament allied to President Uhuru Kenyatta’s side have now launched an all out attack at Dp Ruto’s allies for trying to bring the party down. The leaders led by Nyeri Town Mp Ngunjiri Wambugu and Cherangany Mp Joshua Kuttuny have in particular accused Soy Mp Caleb Kositany of wanting to destabilize the ruling party for their own selfish gains.

This is after the Soy legislator, who is also the party’s deputy secretary general and Dp Ruto’s de facto spokesperson, continues to accuse Jubilee party officials of having misappropriated close to 1.3 billion in cash.

PHOTO; Nyeri Town MP Ngunjiri Wambugu

The Soy legislator claims that the party could not account for the said lump sum amount of money, saying that they have an audit report from the Auditor Generally that substantiates their claims. The Soy Mp further went ahead and wrote a letter to party secretary general Raphael Tuju demanding that he releases all financial records of the party.

A move that has now been met with lots of criticisms from the president’s allied MPs. Mp Wambugu termed Kositany’s allegations as hypocritical and in bad faith given that he also is a currently sitting senior. party official.

PHOTO; Soy MP Caleb Kositany

“Kositany is playing politics with the intention of besmirching the reputation of the ruling party now that the efforts of Tangatanga to take over Jubilee have collapsed so dramatically,” stated Mp Wambugu.

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“So who exactly is Kositany accusing of being behind the alleged theft? Is it Party Leader, the Deputy Party Leader, the Secretary General Raphael Tuju, himself or the Treasurer? If he was not playing politics with this matter, he would have made the accusations against a specific person because crimes are specific. Otherwise, as deputy secretary-general, he, too, is as culpable.” he added.

His Cherangany counterpart Joshua Kuttuny also poked holes on Kositany’s claims, adding that if at all there was any misappropriation of party funds then he was also yo blame as the party deputy secretary general.

Both Tangatanga and Kieleweke factions have been engaging in bitter wars of words with each other given the ongoing fumigation process that left DP Ruto’s allies without much of a say in Jubilee party affairs. And with Kositany’s claims of corruption within the ruling party, the dust is not likely to be settling down any time soon.
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