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Stivo Simple Boy Opens Up About The Love Of His Life

Melinda Venessa



Stivo Simple Boy, an artist from Kibra, is the definition of a humble guy who has proven time and again that no amount of fame or money can change the kind of person he was created to be. The vijana tuache mihadarati hitmaker first hit the headlines with his hitsong that passed on a strong message to the youths. This made him get recognized by many since not only was he entertaining people, but also conveying a message on the importance of abstaining and saying NO to drugs and drug abuse in order to help the youths who are the most affected to lead better lives.

Just recently during an interview with Jalang’o, the Kibra artist graced Jalang’o TV and in the YouTube comment section, fans seemed to be impressed by his openness and felt that it was one of the best and most interesting interviews Jalang’o had in his new online Tv.

The popular artist went ahead and opened up about his personal life besides talking about his music career and life as an artist. Talking about his love life, Stivo revealed that he once had a girlfriend but they eventually broke up. This all started when Jalang’o went on to inquire whether ladies were now chasing after him and flocking his social media after he fixed his dental formula.

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“Naskia madem wanakumaliza kwa sababu ya hii look yako mpya,” asked Jalang’o.

Simple Boy later responded, “Unajua tu ni Kama kawaida. Ukishajulikana lazima madem waanze kukuingia.”

Opening up about his ideal woman, Simple boy went on to say, “Me nataka dame akona heshima. Dame anajua kenye anafanya. Si ule dame way kelelek unaona. Wa kelele sipendi.” 

Jalang’o hit back again with another question; “Lakini ushawai kuwa na dame sindio?” And Stivo responded; “Kitambo kitambo lakini tukaachana, mambo flani flani tu.”

Just so you know! If you’ve been eyeing Simple boy, he doesn’t like a woman with a sharp mouth!

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