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States That Will Determine U.S Presidential Election Results

Webster Momanyi



Photo: USA Presidential Aspirants Donald Trump and Joe Biden

U.S elections have gone high-up with the race gaining momentum as the D-Day nearly approaches. A number of states could swing the votes either in favor of the Republican’s Donald Trump or the Democrat’s Joe Biden to a high victory scale.

With the total electoral college votes being required to white house standing at 270, the states might contribute to a major role in delivering them. The election results may not be known on the election date, November 3rd due to increased corona virus pandemic spreading at an alarming rate, numerous cases being reported.

Texas; which has a total of 38 electoral votes, with the competition leaning to Donald Trump’s Republican. The state too, has quite competitive senate representation. State population will determine when the votes will be processed for counting.

Pennsylvania; has 20 electoral votes and the polls will close at 8 p.m with the competition leaning towards Joe Biden’s Democratic party. The state may not have absentee voting and ballot counting has to start at 7 a.m on election date.

Florida; has 29 electoral votes with presidential competition outcome remaining undetermined between the two. House representatives comoetcompe is also very high. Elections will have to start 3 weeks early whereas results will be generated upon polls being closed.

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Among other determinant states are Georgia with 16 electoral votes, North Carolina with 15 electoral votes and others that been always campaign hotspots for both parties.

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