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Sonko Takes A Great Move After Impeachment That Uproar Mixed Reactions

Daniel Mutuva



Photo: Oustered Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko

The oustered Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko has taken a great move that has emerged mixed reactions. Governor Mike Sonko even his time in office had a tendency of helping needy and Vulnerable Netizens to meet their demands through donation of foodstuffs.


Sonko did not curtail his humanitarian act even after Impeached out of office. In his social media page, Mike Sonko affirmed that they may have taken his office but people will still remain his supporters. According to Sonko, he will continue standing with Nairobi people and as usual in every festive season from the 20th to 25th of December.


In a video he pinned in social media, Sonko ascertained that he Normally donate foodstuffs to the needy families so that they can also Celebrate Christmas with other Kenyans. In a video, Sonko captured distributing foodstuffs to city  needy families who cherished and showed off bold support to him even after ouster.

Photo: Mike Sonko donating foodstuffs

“They may have taken my office but not the people. I will continue standing with the people and as usual every festive season from the 20th to 25th December I normally donate foodstuffs to the needy families so that they can also celebrate Christmas with other Kenyans,” Mike Sonko stated


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However, his philanthropism act has encountered critics by Netizens who argued in support and against the act. Here are mixed reactions;

Bogonko: “You were not elected to distribute foodstuffs while you were governor ! But now you are free to do that ! How did you better the lives of the poor while you were governor through policy implementation ? Zero.”

HENRY Lisutsa:”Humanity idea..cartels and tycoons should leave sonko alone to work for people of Nairobi county…corona itawamaliza macartels.”

MUGABE.jnr: ” Define the word work, handout poor man idea, not humanity.”

Muchiri ~ Tax Attorney:”Governorship was above your grade. Just lìke Jesus prayed, “Father if you are willing, remove this cup from me” God saw it fit to remove the cup from you.”

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