Sonko Gets Relief As Court Suspends His Prosecution


Mike Sonko, the former Nairobi governor was relieved after High Court temporarily stopped his prosecution.

Judge Weldon Korir stopped the DPP and the DCI from continuing with the two cases one at the Kiambu and second one is at Kahawa Law Courts where Mike Sonko was charged with terrorism and assault.

The former governor according to the judge, had proved that the two cases were started out of malice after the comments he made in a political rally on 24th January and that the trial will stop until the case is heard because it doesn’t meet the constitutional threshold.

The judge however clarified that his ruling doesn’t in any way affect other graft cases that are against the governor since their initiation was before 24th of January, 2021.

Sonko was first charged on 2nd of February before the Kiambu court with nine accusations of assault.

He was arrested by an anti-terrorism police unit who preferred to detain him for 30 days being suspected of engaging in terror activities.

After a month, Sonko was arraigned in the court at Kamiti Maximum Security Prison where he was charged with recruiting strange people to participate in terrorism activities.

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He also was accused of having terrorist materials which included military attire of which the prosecution said that he was using to facilitate terrorism.

Sonko then responded in challenging the two criminal cases, his argument being he was politically persecuted for the comments he made in a rally held by Deputy President William Ruto’s political allies.

According to the former governor, the prosecution designed an evil-intended scheme using lies to put him in silence him and illegally detain him over charges with no basis.

In addition, Sonko said that the intention was to make him a subject of psychological, physical and mental torture because of the public comments he made that touched on certain individuals who holds high government positions that had sworn to punish him.

The judge Korir agreed with Sonko’s submissions, ruling that no one should be subjected to a criminal trial that goes against constitutional rights.

The Justice said that allowing the prosecution to proceed without first determining whether the trial was started out of malice to be able to settle political scores will be totally unfair to the former governor.

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He continued to state that the court must be alert to offer protection to people’s rights moreso when the prosecution points to threaten people’s freedom.

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