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So Sad! How Raila Odinga’s Youngest Son Struggled To Have A Child; This Is The Number Of Years He Took

Daniel Mutuva





Raila Odinga Junior is the fourth born son to the Former Prime Minister and AU Convoy Raila Odinga. According to the reports, he undergone difficulty moments in his marriage having taking long time for his wife to conceive a child.

Odinga Junior is married to his beautiful wife Yvonne Wambui Kibukosya. They had been in relationship for long time without getting a child as reports indicates. They expected their first born Child at their first year of their marriage but it was impossible.


According to the reports submission, they struggled in the first year of marriage to have a child but their efforts were unbearable. They stick to each other without giving up. Reports affirms that eventually after their long struggle, God blessed them their first born son after a period of four to five years.

On the basis of reports, this is the time Raila Odinga Junior and his wife received frustrations most on pressure form the friends and relatives. The 40 years old Raila’s younger son comforted his wife Wambui and gave him hope despite of the pressure from outside as reports confirms.

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