Smith To Run For Presidency In America In The Near Future?


Former Hollywood actor Will Smith has announced his intentions of joining Politics. In an exclusive interview with the actor, He said that sooner he will be running for Presidency In America.

Being a popular and well known celebrity all over the globe. He was the main character in top films like The Suicide Squad, The Men In Black and many others just to mention some.

Being the father of Jaden Smith, another celebrity and actor in the popular movie Karate kid with Chinese icon Jackie Chan.

Smith looks to follow in the foot steps of former President Barrack Obama in rewriting the history of America by becoming the second Black American President in United States.

This comes a year after one popular rapper Kanye West was just shown dust in the recently concluded Presidential elections in the United States. West Who garnered less than 10% of the votes casted was humiliated despite being a top Celebrity in States.

Smith will need to learn from the success of his predecessor Obama and work on the failures of his compatriot Kanye West.

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He won’t be the first Hollywood actor to jump into politics after Action film actor Chuck Norris and fellow compatriot Arnold Shwarzneger who dived in politics in the past years.

Do you see Will Smith as a future American President, does he have what it takes to lead America??? Leave your comments on the comment section and don’t forget to like and share with friends.


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