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Slap On The Face For Raila And Uhuru As ICJ Says NO to BBI

James Musyoki




The Building Bridges Initiative has continued to suffer a setback after the International Commission of Jurists (ICJ) Kenya rejected it. In a statement, ICJ opposed the prioritization of the BBI referendum saying that the BBI proponents should first focus on battling corruption and the covid-19 pandemic.


“Kenya is grappling with many concerns ranging from corruption, mismanagement of public funds, socio-economic challenges, poor leadership, and negative ethnicity. With these lingering challenges, we remain concerned that the calls for a referendum should not be the priority for our country at this time,” read the ICJ’s statement.


Additionally, the Commission went on rejecting BBI’s recommendations on the grounds that they undermine the rule of law. Besides, ICJ noted that BBI is tailored to meet personal interests and not to achieve inclusivity as its proponents claim.


“We reject the BBI proposals on constitutional amendments in totality and reiterate that the amendments are unnecessary…the issues identified can be cured by entrenching political will, instituting policy and legal reform… Our considered view is that the proposed amendments take away the gains contained in the Constitution 2010 and undermine the rule of law,” ICJ stated.

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On the document’s proposal to introduce the Judiciary Ombudsman, the commission again rejected it saying that it will undermine judicial independence.


“ICJ concludes that the Constitution has neither been accorded adequate time to organically shape the legal, political, economic, and social landscape,” the Commission said in the statement.

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