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“Siasa Bado Ndio Tumeanza” William Ruto’s Friend Proclaims After Formation Of Jubilee Asili

Daniel Mutuva



The friend of Deputy President William Ruto has exhibited the new political move after Jubilee Asili was formed. This comes after the separation that emerges in Jubilee government where DP Ruto has been isolated and his allies being oustered by the government. DP Ruto and his allies have now formed Jubilee Asili that will succeed their Political move.

PHOTO: DP Ruto addressing citizens

In his tweet he pinned, Captain Dominic Omondi asserted that they have now started Politics and accused all the changes that were done by Jubilee party vice Chairperson David Murathe, terming them as just nothing. He further added that all the forces that was applied against DP William Ruto was just a waste. Additionally, he indicated that the amazing fact about William Samoei Ruto is that, he always wins everywhere. He concluded that Politics is all about strategies.

“Siasa bado ndio Tumeanza,,,now all the changes that were made in Murathe’s Jubilee were just for nothing.All the energy against DP Ruto wasted.This man William Samoei Ruto is so special in him that he keeps on winning against all odds. Siasa Ni Kujipanga Nani! #Jubilee_Asili,” Captain Dominic Omondi pinned.

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However, As the political controversy against DP Ruto intensfy, Some Kenyan netizens have been seen inclining to DP Ruto, promising to offer fully support ahead of 2022 Presidential election despite of his political enemies’s effort of curtailing his 2022 strong ambition. Reports ascertains that DP Ruto is unstoppable man who is hard-working and commited in his work even as in serving the netizens.

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