Should Kihika’s Abortion Bill Be Supported?


Kenyans took it up to twitter  and  expressed mixed emotions as far as the abortion bill is concerned. Some individuals agree that the bill should be passed while others are strongly disapproving of the bill. Some say she is the pursuit of lady’s empowerment where they will have a say to what they what, in regards to motherhood, whereas others think the bill takes a political angle. These may only be a “political entanglement.”

With the massive push being based on rape and defilement that later leave ladies pregnant. The bill seeks to give them free will to decide the fate of the kid they are carrying. The decision on what is right to do will be entirely on the mother’s hands, whether ethical or unethical.

None medical abortion among young girls has been going on for the longest time ever. With some being fatal and girls end up losing their lives. Passing the bill would give more girls safe zones to terminate the pregnancies and in a medical way. Legalizing abortion would mean ladies would be seeking the services as any other healthcare services and even access post-medical check-ups.

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Religious people term this as murders regardless of the name it takes. It is biblically wrong and against God’s Law. The right to give life and take life only belongs to God; thus, religious activists and leaders say mothers have no right to end the life of a child regardless of the situation that brought about the pregnancy. Human-made law has no superiority to that of God’s commandments. Leaders from other denominations of faith are also against such kind of Bill.

It would also make men more loose and irresponsible knowing they have a way out to escape  being fathers.

For those disapproving the bill, they say there is an alternative for the bill. Kihika should push for free and safe birth control for every lady in the country.


Even better push for a bill that puts irresponsible men impregnating women and evading responsibility to justice and force them into child support Then there would be less need for abortion. Kenyans term Abortion is a crime, and it has no place in society.

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