SHOCKING: Over 20 Girls Under 18 Years Age Impregnated In Murang’a County As Covid-19 Intensfy


It’s reportedly that over 20 Girls under the age of 18 years have been impregnated in Murang’a county in this period of covid-19 pandemic. Reports ascertains that cases were reported in Kagunduini ward in Kandara, Kirinyaga county. On the basis of the reports submission, over 20 girls under the age of 18 are pregnant or recently given birth.

The government had shut up all the Educational institutions in a bold bid to combat the spread of covid-19 in the country. Students were advised to stay safe at home until schools reopening when the government shall make an announcement. However, it has been noticed that crime cases among students has been increasing endangering their lives.

In a report issued, Murang’a county has been on hit for pregnancies cases among school girls where over 20 girls below the age of 18 years have been reported to be pregnant. Area Chiefs have been asked to be keen on the issue affecting young girls by arresting individuals assulting such young ladies.

In a recent reports, Machakos county was reportedly to have been recorded over 4000 pregnancies cases among school girls in this period of covid-19. Further reports added that about 200 pregnancies were reported in a week in Machakos county. Parents were asked to take of their children at home till schools reopening.

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