Shock As Prophet Owuor Turns Mysterious As Covid-19 Pandemic Intensifies

Photo: Prophet Owuor

Prophet Dr David Edward Owuor is among the most popular Prophets in the world and this can be attributed to his frequent travel to many parts of the world and the miracles he performs during his mighty crusades.

The mighty prophet has continued to shock many as he has predicted many things which have mysterious happened.

Actually the prophet alleged that he is the one who prophesied concerning the Corona Virus pandemic a few years ago and it came to pass last year at Wuhan China.


What seems to be another shocking event to his strict followers, Prophet Owuors Church announced on their Twitter handle that the cloud of God beam and settled on the two greatest and two ancient prophets.

A Statement on their Twitter page Jesus is Lord Radio read,”Shock and stun as the cloud of God beam and settled on the two greatest and two ancient prophets,” the
The cloud of the Lord is quite significant to Christians this is because God directed the children of Israel while they were in the desert during the day through a cloud

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“Welcome once again to today’s powerful segment of the ongoing word expedition series live presided over by THE MIGHTIEST PROPHET OF THE LORD. #GloriousMidweekService,” Jesus is Lord Radio tweeted.

The announcement about the cloud of God resting on the mighty prophet stirred up sharp reactions from his followers.

“But exclude the outer court; do not measure it, because it has been given to the Gentiles. They will trample on the holy city for 42 months,” Dickson Omondi said.

“This message is sweeping out apostacy in the Church ,let all embrace Repentance and Prepare well to enter Heaven #GloriousMidweekService,” Ekal John asserted

@Wanjo John What another blessed opportunity to learn about repentance and entry into the Kingdom of GOD Am well tuned in from Nairobi

“There is a big reward that awaits you in Heaven. Don’t let the devil convince you,” Njogu

@Edward Ogutu, “Beloved Saints of THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY. I humbly invite you all to tonight’s Glorious Evening Service of THE LORD voiced up now Live #GloriousMidweekService Quickly come on board Beloved. This is the Message of The Church.”


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