She Is Not In Love With You If She Shows These Signs


It is never a guarantee in love that when you have feelings for for the opposite s3x then they probably feel the same for you.Love is a continuous process that never stops and can never be forced.If you really love someone, let them be free and if they fall for you then you can declare yourselves as love birds.
Men are so demanding that at some point they try to win a girl’s heart by force.She might pretend to be into you only to get her space or please you and stop disturbing her.These signs shows she is not in love with you.

Has Excess demands
One who really cares about you wouldn’t like to squeeze you and force you into doing what you cannot manage or by much difficulties.If a woman makes more demands on a daily basis especially after you have just begun conversing, then she doesn’t love you.They want to scare and make you quit because akufukuzaye hakwambii toka.

Ignores your calls
“…the mobile subscriber cannot be reached, or number dialled is currently busy,” the whole day.It is not possible that they spent all their time making calls not even a secretary is that busy. It is only the one not interested with you that will not pick your calls.It is a clear sign they don’t want you and just stop forcing issues.
Complains too much about your visits
Most of them say, ‘ I will be busy, am going to market, I don’t want to meet anyone today,”If you visit them abruptly, they give excuses and claim to have limited time and therefore you can’t talk on that day.They don’t have feelings for you.Stop disturbing and hurting your heart for miracles happened long time ago and there are zero challenges of that happening again.

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Avoids physical contact
You will find that in some situations, someone claims to be in love with you and even calls you the fancy names you like to hear.But when you stretch your hand to feel the smoothness of their skin, they move away or make scaring sounds. This shows that there is no love and you are trying to get water from a dry well.

Refers you to other girls
So uendee nani ni msupuu, or how do you think of ..?They are not comfortable with you and start suggesting who they think can rhyme with you.If they are in love they should be complaining why not them not naming other suggesting names.


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