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Shakilla Boldly Boasts About Her Multi-Million Apartment

Melinda Venessa



Photo: Beauty Queen Shakilla

Queen of the streets as she brands herself, Shakilla, has been bagging some good amount of cash from her business transactions with her clients and it appears she’s been making wise use of the money she gets. Been a teenager and only 19 years of age, she has been been going to extreme levels and doing explicit things that are way much beyond her age but anyway who are we to judge. It’s her life and body and she’s entitled to all that.

Just recently during an exclusive interview will Milele FM, the teen socialite spilled the tea about her exquisite multi-million apartment bought for her by her mzungu lover who’s said to be married with a wife and kids. This was a hitback to her trolls and critics who keep bashing her after being exposed few weeks ago for sleeping in a rental bedsitter after being involved in some drama with gengetone artist Sheddy Empire.


As she spilled finer details of her two-bedroom fully furnished Kilimani apartment worth Ksh. 11 million, the first year campus student living on the fast lane opened up about issues revolving around her general life, her financial status and the men who sponsor her status and kind of life and generally what she does to get all that. Disclosing about how she got the Kilimani suite, Shakilla openly confessed that she simply pleasured the mzungu family man who keeps spoiling her with money, and the apartment is under her name among other properties that the Mzungu owns.

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An unmoved and unshaken Shakilla still bluntly went on to say how she wished the mzungu quick death so that she inherits all his possessions. With this kind of don’t care attitude she didn’t seem to worry or mind about other people’s opinions or what they think of her further sending a warning to trolls who keep calling her a fake yet they know nothing about what she’s doing with her money, and that in 4 years to come her work will speak for itself since the millions she’s bagging from her brand she’s putting all that into good and responsible use.

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