Several Women Confirmed Dead As A Boat Capsized In Lake Victoria


On Sunday of 21st March, three women from Kasarani area in Nairobi county are reported to have drowned after a boat they had boarded capsized in Lake Victoria at place called Arongo Beach in Seme, Kisumu County.


According to the report given by the police in charge of the area, officers who paid a visit to the scene discovered that six people who travelled from Kasarani in Nairobi, had come to attend to a funeral service in the area and so they opt to take some leisure on a boat ride.


The Police say that a boy was rushed to Manywanda Sub-County hospital. They also believe according to their investigation that the number of people who probably have lost their lives could be six.


This is not the first time for these incidents to happen especially in the lake region. In most cases, the victims are always visitors from other different places who are always not aware of the dangers within the lake therefore not taking precautions.

The women were allegedly taking some selfies to capture the interesting moments for a memory but things did not go as planned.

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It is not clear whether the canons usually have the life saving bags because nothing of the sort has been mentioned anywhere by the police.

The identity of the deceased are still unknown and their bodies are yet to be retrieved and the police are still waiting for any calls of missing persons.


It usually does not take long before another case of sinking a boat is reported from the lake regions. It has become a normal occurrence and no serious measures have been put in place by the leaders to prevent such.

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